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Signs In Nature

When I see palm trees, I think about how when the storms come, like hurricanes, they sway, shed their dead fronds, keep producing delicious coconuts, continue providing safe haven for birds, and they remain firmly grounded.

Why so?

Because they move, they bend, they grow to accommodate the storms. In fact, I’ve seen some that have been bent parallel to the earth and then they rise toward heaven.

In contrast, here in Arkansas , after high winds or a summer, tornado blows through, we see so many trees laid over, snapped, roots exposed.

Some fall because they are dead inside, some because they are heavy and stuck. And even some, because their roots are shallow or there’s been erosion and these trees haven’t been able to bend, and grow to accommodate change.

So what’s the lesson here?

For me, personally, it’s about never stopping to look around me and evaluate my surroundings, evaluate what I think I know, evaluate what I’ve been taught…and yet, remain curious.

I have to ask myself if I need to change or learn or grow differently to accommodate the storms.

And likewise, I want to continue thriving, to bear fruit that is nutritious, to be a space of safety and security, maybe even life-giving, to others.

I want to allow all the dead parts to fall off and be swept away by the wind so I can continue to thrive.

How about you?

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