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Little Wins are Huge

So this morning in session with one of my clients, it dawned on me that little wins are HUGE and what do I mean by that? I mean that sometimes the smallest successes can totally change your perspective. For instance, I work with clients who have experienced high trauma, incarceration, addiction, and some have lived in dire poverty for most of their lives. One thing that I find is that they are tremendously resilient!

Such resiliency sometimes comes from a place of knowing that they don’t have to go back to what they’ve experienced in the past. They can move forward and I oftentimes challenge them to “flip the script“ in their mind…to totally change their perspectives on their daily experiences, who they are, what they’re capable of. And then they recognize their power!

So, let me give an example, just yesterday I was meeting with a young woman, and I asked her about her little wins, well she came prepared because she’s been asked the question before and this is what she came up with…

1) My husband and I are doing better than ever, we trust each other and support each other.

2) I had a good doctors appointment today and they took the stitches out of my knee.

3) We found an extra $20 from giving plasma that we’re gonna put away in a safe creating a savings for the first time ever.

4) We’re having chili dogs tonight for dinner.

5) When I went to my appointment with my parole officer, my teeth fit, my dentures didn’t hurt as bad as they used to.

Wow, that’s the kind a little wins I’m talking about! I reflected after a long day of seeing clients and I realize that I too don’t pick up on how much of a positive impact even the smallest successes can have, something as simple as celebrating having chili dogs is powerful! These same amazing individuals are staying sober, starting a savings for the first time in their 20-30 years of life, and taking back their power to break inter-generational cycles of poverty and dependency.

So let me be clear, not all of my client sessions are filled with such successes, but I truly believe that more often than not, when people are challenged to “flip the script” in their mind, and just reflect on the little wins, they do it! And they make those little wins a reality, and that’s where the power lies, so do it! Flip the script, rewrite your cycles, your habits, your patterns, see the good in life share that good with others because you never know the impact of one little win.

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